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  • Unisex Ankara Black Hoodie

    This African Ankara Hoodie is the most requested hoodie from MremboNYC. So comfortable and heavy enough to keep you warm on those cold days. It is made from cotton.

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  • Brass and Cowrie Earrings

    These are made from the combination of brass and cowrie shells. Cowrie shells represent fertility, wealth, and luck in Africa. They were even used as a currency in the past

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  • Maasai Beaded Ethnic Bracelet

    This gorgeous bracelet is a statement piece that originates from the Maasai community of East Africa. It is hand beaded by the Maasai women of Kenya. It is created from seed beads carefully woven together with wire threads and fastened with buttons.

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  • Queen Nefertiti Ring

    Honoring the Egyptian queen Nefertiti with this beautiful ring.
    This is an adjustable ring to fit all sizes.
    Material : Brass
    Made in Kenya
    All our products are handmade.

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