About Us


A young woman named Wanjiku once immigrated to America from the colorful and culturally diverse country of Kenya. Wanjiku was a fervent supporter of female emancipation and a firm believer in the transforming power of art. She had always envisioned building a platform to help regional artists and women's organizations, giving them chances to share their gifts and improve their communities.

Wanjiku had direct knowledge of the challenges experienced by gifted artists in Kenya. Due to a lack of resources and outlets that recognized their creativity, many of them were unable to sell their artwork or acquire visibility. She also observed how women's groups frequently lacked access to sustainable livelihoods and encountered significant difficulties in overcoming these obstacles despite having enormous potential.

Wanjiku made the decision to make her goal come true because she had a strong desire to change the world. She invested many hours in research and idea generation because she was driven to start a business that would serve as a conduit between these gifted artists and the rest of the world.

She established MremboNYC LLC in June 2022 with unyielding dedication and a raging enthusiasm. The Swahili term "Mrembo" translates to "beautiful" or "attractive" in English. The goal is to promote regional artists, especially women, by giving them a venue to display their works. Wanjiku realized that by showcasing these original works, she could honor Kenya's rich cultural legacy while simultaneously uplifting local artistsans.

Wanjiku faced difficulties along the way. In a new country, starting a company from scratch takes a lot of commitment, tenacity, and unwavering faith. The craftspeople she works with have gradually but steadily gained financial and economic independence. Wanjiku continues to connect with artists in outlying communities and set them up with foreign purchasers. Her long-term objective is to plan exciting exhibitions that highlight the various artistic expressions of Kenya's imaginative people.

Wanjiku assisted in establishing dependable sources of income for numerous artists and women's organizations through MREMBONYC. They were able to support their families, send their kids to school, and escape the cycle of poverty because to the money they made through their art. These people gained greater confidence and self-belief as a result of Wanjiku's commitment to their cause, which encouraged them to have bigger dreams and aspirations for the future.

Wanjiku's emotional journey has evolved into a tale of hope, fortitude, and the indomitable spirit of the human heart, driven by her commitment to help regional artists and women's organizations. Wanjiku has created a spark via her amazing endeavor that will eternally light the way for empowerment, creativity, and equality in Kenya and beyond. She has ambitions to launch a non-profit organization in the future.

Thank you for believing in her and being a part of her journey.